10:10 pm
15 December 2017

Twelve Years Later, Americans Still Remember How 9/11 Tragically Delayed Movie Releases

Twelve Years Later, Americans Still Remember How 9/11 Tragically Delayed Movie Releases

Americans will #neverforget how 9/11 delayed the release of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Collateral Damage.’

There is no doubt that the events of 9/11 are forever etched in our country’s memory: it led not only to a tragic loss of life, but also lasting changes on our culture, foreign policy, and the way we view foreigners residing in our country.

But even more devastating for many Americans, 9/11 caused a painful delay in the previously uninterrupted flow of vapid entertainment.

“I’ll never forget that morning,” said Dave Clark, local film buff. “After the second plane hit, I remember thinking ‘I hope this doesn’t affect the release of  ‘Spiderman’.”

It has been twelve years since that tragic day single-handedly stopped the entertainment industry dead in its tracks, but Americans have not forgotten. As terrorist-driven plotlines of many scripts had to be edited and film content altered, many found it more difficult to repress their growing frustration. Those working in the industry were especially put out. “We had to go back and edit out the WTC towers,” said a film editor who worked on the film ‘Zoolander.’ “It took hours – it was a royal pain in the ass.”

Thanks to the September 11 attacks, Americans also had to suspend losing themselves in entertainment and put up with a brief period of solemnity and respect. While many went along with it, it was not without a degree of reservation.

“It was such a downer,” said Harold Blarney. “There was even a period of several hours right afterwards where there was no entertainment programming on the networks. I missed ‘The Price Is Right’ that morning.”

While many Americans were frustrated in not being able to use mindless entertainment to numb themselves to the harsh realities of the world, being confronted with a tragedy so intense forced many to confront something even worse – time with family.

“Instead of zoning out to a movie, suddenly I was expected to be more present with my family and fly an American flag outside,” said Dwayne Glazier. “I’m still angry about that.”

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