11:44 am
14 December 2017

“Got ya!”: Prankster Putin Withdraws Troops From Crimea

“Got ya!”: Prankster Putin Withdraws Troops From Crimea

putin laughingClaiming he was just ‘Putin one over us,’ the Kremlin announced today that Russian troops will begin withdrawing from Crimea, since the elaborate April Fools joke has run its course. “Our leader has a great sense of humor, and so few know this,” said a Kremlin official to Beehive Bugle’s Russia correspondent. “He loves to mimic the posturings of a strong, aggressive leader, but deep down he is soft as teddy bear.” President Putin, a man not typically known for his sense of humor, appears to have fooled almost everybody, including many in his own country. “I love a good practical joke, and I wanted everyone to think we were veering towards another cold war,” the apparently jovial, zest-for-life leader said, only a few weeks after drawing criticism for his bellicose behavior towards the Ukraine. “I mean, only a fool would go Russian in like that,” the usually joyless, headstrong leader further quipped. While relieved, leaders have expressed their disapproval with Putin’s peace-jeopardizing hi-jinks. Responding to this, Putin has simply said “Oh, Crimea river,” after which world leaders had to laugh and admit it was pretty funny. “Oh, that guy! What are we going to do with him,” said one diplomat in the newly-restored G8 council.

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