05:52 pm
17 February 2018

Guy Sticks it to UTA, Stands in Trax Well

Guy Sticks it to UTA, Stands in Trax Well

An unnamed Trax rider decided to give the finger to the leviathans of Big Transit, UTA, by deliberately disregarding the clearly seen ‘No Standing In Well’ sign.

“I’m tired of being told I can’t stand there, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” said the non-conformist.

A UTA spokesperson says the signs are placed to ensure easy entrance and exit for passengers, and that they have not typically had problems with violations of the rule. Nonetheless, the revolutionist insists that “this is a statement — if I’m paying this much to ride, then I get to choose where I stand.”

While there was plenty of room to stand on the Train’s main floor, the radical says it’s not about that. “This is about freedom, about our liberties,” he said. “This is about what it means to be an American.”

The dissident’s principled stand abruptly ended at MIllcreek station after a UTA officer boarded the train.