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17 December 2017

Holland-Oaks Dazzle Conference Center Crowd With Cover of ‘Maneater’

Holland-Oaks Dazzle Conference Center Crowd With Cover of ‘Maneater’

Attendees of the 184th Semiannual General Conference went from shocked to delighted as tag-team apostles-turned-popstars duo Elders Holland and Oaks covered the 1983 hit, ‘Maneater.’

“What surprised me was how they nailed it,” said Dwayne Reilsburg, who was sitting front row. “Dallin was hitting every note perfectly, he just killed it. I was moved for sure. It might be the first General Conference my wife didn’t have to nudge me because I was nodding off.”

“It was aces all around — stellar performance,” said Willy Mason, another Conference goer who years ago opened for Bright Eyes. “I’m still trying to catch my breath after that one. I felt bad though for the poor sap who had to follow them.”

Insiders say this performance was part and parcel to a greater, subtle effort by the church to address the Ordain Women movement in a way that could be seen as fun rather than mean or stodgy.

“It’s basically our way of saying look, women have their place,” said Church public relations spokesperson Ally Isom. “But doing so within the framework of a hit pop song, that comes across a lot better than some out-of-touch octogenarian groaning from the pulpit.”

Fans of the performance will be delighted to know that this Lord-anointed duo is far from being done — more performances are being scheduled, and a Christmas album is slated to hit shelves just in time for the holidays.

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