11:48 am
14 December 2017

Area Elder Thankful His Family Forgot to List Things They’re Thankful For

Area Elder Thankful His Family Forgot to List Things They’re Thankful For

SARATOGA SPRINGS, UT – Jordan Elkner was relieved today after his family seemed to forget their yearly ritual of listing things they are thankful for before eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Gathered around the table, the family offered just a standard “nourish and strengthen” blessing before digging in to the meal before them. Although the prayer-giver, Jordan’s father Kline, acknowledged that they were grateful that other members of the family had made the trip safely, seemingly no one remembered the family ritual of going around the room, and listing things they were most grateful for.

“It’s a relief, it really is,” said Jordan. “Usually this thankfulness bit takes place before the prayer. And so it’s like, the food’s there, its ready to go, but we’re all going to stand around looking at it while we list off dumb things like ‘I’m thankful for family’ or ‘I’m grateful for the gospel’.”

Jordan mused that this is the first time he’s ever felt profoundly grateful at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Meanwhile, cousin Chelsea seemed to have a knowing look at dinner, implying she knew something was amiss. Chelsea couldn’t be reached for comment however, as she had to leave early for her overnight shift at Target.


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