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17 December 2017

Sundance Goer Avoids Eye Contact With Pauly Shore

Sundance Goer Avoids Eye Contact With Pauly Shore

While visiting the activities, goings on, glamour, and pomp and circumstance of the world-renowned Sundance Film Festival, Layton resident Phillip Boyd had an unexpected encounter with a former star who at one time influenced his life, but no longer does.

“I walked down Park City’s Main Street, to take in the omnipresent glitz and excitement in the air, but I primarily looked around wondering if there were any celebrities out and about,” said Boyd. “Suddenly, I walked past Pauly Shore. I quickly averted my eyes and proceeded to walk as if I hadn’t seen him.”

The early 90s film star–at one time a focal point of Boyd’s development, entertaining his and his friends’ sleepovers with films like ‘Bio-Dome’ and ‘In the Army Now,’ with its catalogue of humorous one-liners and funny-guy scenarios–seemingly came out of nowhere and crossed paths with his former admirer at the prestigious film festival.

“You gotta understand, this guy once was my world,” Boyd said. “Then—like pogs and Chump apparel—he went out of my life. I was not prepared to see him up there, washed up and not working, wandering around a scene with active directors and actors.”

Sundance is usually a time when the lay public can stroll about town with hopes to catch a glimpse of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But in the case of Shore, Boyd felt it was more reminiscent of running into a former lover he jilted.

While other has-beens like Josh Hartnett and Shore’s former co-star Brendan Fraser have at least created direct-to-Netflix films, Pauly Shore has created “fucking nothing,” said a disappointed source close to the star of ‘Son in Law.’

“He looked at me with puppy-dog eyes, just hoping I’d recognize him and say something about his work. But what am I supposed to say, ‘Hey, I really loved you in ‘Encino Man’’? or, “I totally loved ‘A Goofy Movie’ when I saw it in the theater?”–projects he was in decades ago? Remind him that he’s not relevant anymore? That just sounds like it would be insulting.”

Days later, Boyd mentioned a similar reaction upon being blindsided by a late-night reruns of ‘Frasier’ and ‘Mad About You.

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