05:47 pm
17 February 2018

BREAKING: Pres. Monson Exclusively Used Personal Email Account To Conduct Personal Business

BREAKING: Pres. Monson Exclusively Used Personal Email Account To Conduct Personal Business

SALT LAKE CITY — President Thomas Spencer Monson exclusively used a personal email account to conduct personal business as Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, close friends and relatives said, and may have violated assumptions that octogenarians’ correspondence be limited to pulpits and the ears of BINGO callers.

Pres. Monson did not have a Yahoo! email address prior to his current seven-year tenure as president of the church. His aides took no actions to have a personal email address created, as required by most fantasy baseball leagues.

The sixteenth LDS president has chosen wheniwasaboy1927@yahoo.com as his address.

It was only two weeks ago that multiple people—including high-ranking LDS leaders—were spammed with LinkedIn invitations and OKCupid notifications.

All told, dozens of forwarded email chains were sent from Pres. Monson’s account, detailing everything from anticipated Bill Gates checks, links to three separate FRIENDS quizzes, to posts detailing opposite positions of the GMO debate. Pres. Monson has chosen navy blue as his text color, and a signature that reads, “I%never%Said%it%would%be%easy%only%that%it%wouldBe%worth%it.”

Pres. Monson is not the first person — or first high-ranking LDS leader — to use a personal email account on which to conduct personal business. Indeed, billions worldwide do. But his exclusive use of his private email appears unusual.

A spokesperson for Pres. Monson defended his use of the personal email account and said “you know, these days you can set your computer to remember your password, geeze. Most of his emails are automatically filtered into spam folders anyway.”

Pres. Monson himself declined to comment on the contents of his sent emails or whether he will make them public. But he is “really excited to concentrate on (the first two months) of the upcoming Fantasy Baseball season.”