08:46 pm
17 January 2018

Local Couple’s Marriage Stronger Than Ever After Joining Facebook Accounts

Local Couple’s Marriage Stronger Than Ever After Joining Facebook Accounts

When they tied the knot after a magical 3-month courtship, Brent-Ashley Tiller began to worry about the effects that social media may have on their marriage.

“We read that half of all divorce filings cited Facebook, so we prayed and here we are,” explained Brent-Ashley, who use photos of both of them as all of their Facebook profile pictures. “We have this really zany idea for our next profile picture. She’ll be holding me — like I’m the wife! There are more, too.”

Brent-Ashley went on to explain the benefits of having a joint account: “It made me really anxious imagining all of the communication I couldn’t see – now neither of us get messages from anyone! Problem solved.”

The couple’s bishop, Larry Grayson, says that the joint account is critical to a stable marriage. “They swore a sacred vow to always love each other, which means entirely giving up any semblance of being two different people. This way, everyone knows they’re married and totally trust each other,” said Grayson.

Brent-Ashley agree[s] that [their] joint account is built on trust and definitely not on infidelity: “My wife is very attractive – I don’t want anyone validating that except for me, her husband. That’s why our wedding picture is the cover photo. With one account, I don’t have to trust her anymore because I see everything she does. So in a way, I trust her more.”

Notwithstanding these reasons, some of the couple’s Facebook friends find the combined account confusing. One coworker, Christine Kingston, who couldn’t believe how ball-less some guys are, figured Ashley was just Brent’s middle name. Upon learning the reason, Kingston expressed that “it’s actually less weird for his middle name to be Ashlee than to have a joined account.” Multiple sources confirmed it was pretty weak, but nobody cared enough to say anything.

In spite of the criticisms, Brent-Ashley agreed that the benefits are many. “She manages my friend requests for me, and when I ‘like’ something, we both ‘like’ it,” Brent-Ashley said. “It’s nice to know that we’re always on the same page. Literally! Even if he isn’t there beside me, I feel encouraged to say whatever I want because I know technically he is backing me up.”

“I imagine after a few years I will have no recollection of my life before marriage – and no messy paper trail to prove I had one!” said either Brent-Ashley or Brent-Ashley, it’s hard to tell.

At press time, Brent-Ashley’s marriage was “super great” and neither of them had a secret Tinder account.