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17 January 2018

LDS Church Loses Faith In Jeremy Runnells After Reading CES Letter

LDS Church Loses Faith In Jeremy Runnells After Reading CES Letter

After lifelong devotion to the man, the LDS Church finally lost faith in Jeremy Runnells after reading the CES Letter, which Runnells penned.

“The CES Letter was finally what did it for us. We’d held out hope for so long, hoping that something would change. However, we came across the CES Letter and dormant thoughts and feelings rushed in. The CES Letter was very persuasive–we couldn’t believe some of the things we read in there. It was immediately clear that it was our last straw of faith in him, and we can thank the CES Letter for that,” said Michael R. Otterson, managing director of Public Affairs.

The church plans to hold its court of love on the day of love, February 14th–at least, of course, until tides of support for Runnells rise high enough for the church to conveniently postpone the proceedings.

According to Runnells’ website:

“[He] has been summoned to a disciplinary council by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on charges of apostasy. CES Letter represents Mr. Runnells’ sincere attempt to obtain answers to legitimate questions and doubts through proper church leadership channels. (…)

CES Letter began as a letter Mr. Runnells wrote to an LDS religious instructor (CES Director) outlining his questions, concerns, and doubts about LDS Church foundational truth claims (e.g., Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham historicity, Joseph Smith’s polygamy and polyandry, LDS priesthood restoration, multiple first vision accounts). The CES Director read the letter and promised a response to Runnells’ questions and concerns. No response ever came. (…)

CES Letter has been downloaded an estimated 600,000 times to date, and over 12,000 LDS Church members have reached out to Runnells after reading the CES Letter. (…)

Runnells reports that he met twice with his LDS Stake President, Mark Ivins, in the fall of 2014. (…) President Ivins assured Runnells that he wanted to help, and that he would obtain answers. (…) On February 8, Ivins reversed his decision and informed Runnells of his disciplinary council scheduled for February 14, 2016. (…)

A public press conference has been scheduled for Runnells on February 10th, 2016 at 7:00pm Mountain Time at 50 West Club & Cafe in downtown Salt Lake City (50 Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT). The venue is open for dinner prior to the press conference at 6:00pm. Parking is available in surrounding lots. All interested media, along with supporters of Runnells, are invited to attend and show support. (…)

A vigil for Jeremy Runnells is being organized on Sunday, February 14 at 7:00 pm at the American Fork Utah East Stake Center (825 E 500 N, American Fork, Utah).


  • The CES Letter amounts to a major witness to the falsehood of fundamental Mormon claims. We all remember the very high level of doctrinal knowledge possessed by both the Seminary and Institute directors assigned to our Wards and Stakes; this too, makes his revelations in his letter, all the more compelling.

  • It’s clear that those that find fault with the church just can’t leave it alone. I have been a convert for over 35 years and despite all the condemnation toward the church by those that would find fault with it, it has been nothing but a blessing to me and my family. I love the fact that we don’t simply rely on our faith in it’s leaders, but have the opportunity to know for yourselves through our own prayers to a loving Father in Heaven that reveals his will to those that are sincere and humble. Those that are willing follow are Savior. I wish him the best and know that in excommunicating Jeremy, he will now be one of those outsiders rather than holding to his claim to be a Mormon. He has not been one for several years.

    • Dad you don’t have to disguise your name (peter vincent). I am the black sheep son that has also strayed from the flock. And because of that I do not feel like one of your other golden children. This has troubled me very much over the years and I have felt a real disconnect with you over our religious differences. I think Jeremy is just standing up for what he believes is right, in spite of all the opposition. I heard of a lady named Rosa Parks and a man named Martin Luther King who did the same thing.

  • The reason “those that find fault with the church just can’t leave it alone” is because the church won’t leave people who don’t want to be affected by its unsolicited agendas, alone. Get the church to STFU about political issues and civil rights, and people will leave it alone.

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