04:30 am
18 January 2018

Those Piece of Mother Won The VidAngel Lawsuit, It

Those Piece of  Mother Won The VidAngel Lawsuit,  It

The safe-space Hollywood elites won their mother  copyright infringement claim after the sons of  took VidAngel to court. The  -gobbling legal teams from Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. can  my throbbing  since the ruling enjoins VidAngel from its circumvention, copying, and streaming of copyrighted content.

Why the  can’t entertainment these days be as clean as the classic The  Van  Show? That show was,  Almighty, clean from the  -forsaken get-go even with Mary Tyler Moore in her prime instead of the pointless  we see today. I feel like the movie industry just pulled its  out and put it right in my mouth. I haven’t been this surprised since I watched the Cleanflix documentary and found that even it was slobbered with smut.

Now how the  am I supposed to get my  off? I can’t watch any more cutting-edge programs because of those sons of . How do I explain to my kids that Elaine from Seinfeld has a potty mouth on Veep?

Movies and shows are going to take me much longer to watch now. I mean, holy , how long is Game of Thrones going to take to watch now that the gratuitous  and flagrant immodesty is all that is available? How the  can I watch these scenes in front of my wife instead of tracking down the excised seconds clip-by-mother -clip on my laptop? 

This inserted filth is, yea, like unto studying The Book of Mormon but actually reading, “And it came to pass” every mother  time like a moron who thinks he has all the time in the world.  that noise. At least we have the family-friendly Westworld to watch in the meantime as we gird our .