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17 December 2017

In His Words: SUPERDELL On The War On Christmas

In His Words: SUPERDELL On The War On Christmas

To all those who don’t think they are Christian, just think for a second about what year it is. Why does the entire world track time by the sign given at the birth of Christ? If it didn’t happen, then how could it possibly be that because of such an extraordinary event in history everyone changed to tracking time from that very date in history?

While government-controlled anti-Christ schools teach of Before Christ and After Christ, they refuse to teach about Jesus Christ. They teach the Big Bang Theory and evolution, but absolutely censor any truth and reality to be taught. While the theories are just theories that are totally made up and don’t make any sense, history books written on several different continents all talk of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a grouping of history books passed down from generation to generation. Same with the Book of Mormon, which is a record of the people in the Americas which was passed down from generation to generation.

Now many, many generations have passed since the people saw Jesus Christ personally and so many don’t want to believe the facts handed down from their parents who DID witness Jesus Christ personally. Our customs come from our ancestors as they are passed down from generation to generation. Who today even knows who their great-great-great grandparents are? Most have no clue and really don’t care to know. Ignorance doesn’t change the facts, though. Much of the true and real history is intentionally hidden by those who want to intentionally destroy the truth. Museums that could show piles of evidence proving the true and real history instead intentionally lie and spread totally false information to deceive people.

Christmas is about Jesus Christ. MILLIONS have had prayers answered directly and clearly from God. Every single one of the six members of my direct family has had prayers answered directly and clearly from God. All the major media is controlled by the devil and they spread around piles of trash and false information to create contention and destruction. Instead of spreading the truth and leading people towards happiness and true joy that come from righteousness and following the commandments, they instead pollute peoples’ minds with immorality and perversion and constantly feed people lies about where we truly came from and where we are all going.

So let Christmas remind you once again that our not-so-distant ancestors did indeed SEE Jesus Christ with their own eyes–many felt the marks in his hands and side. The true and real history is there for those that sincerely seek it. Every single person can pray to God the father in the name of Jesus Christ for that which they stand in need. God does indeed answer prayers and perform miracles just as he always has. “Seek and ye shall find” is a promise from God that if you do sincerely seek him that you will indeed FIND. It doesn’t say, “Seek and ye shall be left wondering.”

I know without a doubt that God is real and have witnessed about 100 miracles just in my short number of years on earth. So this Christmas season, give God the gift he has always wanted from you which is your righteousness. Keep the commandments which are there to bless and strengthen you. Sow the seeds of righteousness, and you will be amazed at what your life grows into.

SUPERDELL is an invited guest contributor to the Beehive Bugle.


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