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25 February 2017

About Us

About Us


Beehive Bugle is a Utah-focused, faith-based initiative, delivering internet-based speculative law and gospel reports since 1897. In our current, corporeal incarnation, we give you the news you need to know when you need to know it.  Our crack staff* is composed of many journalistic participants, and is here to arm you with the knowledge you need to compete and combat in these latter days.

Put simply, Beehive Bugle builds the TRUTH around UT.


“Any sufficiently advanced gospel is indistinguishable from bullshit.”


The Beehive Bugle staff.

*Ask us about our unpaid internship program.


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      • Its not very funny by members or not m embers. It wouldn’t last a minute on comedy central. Its like the site was made because “The Onion” rejected it. Just for mormon haters…

        • So leave. This site is not for you. No one is keeping you here. Go watch Comedy Central. I found the satire amusing and witty. So I’m staying. Simple, no? Or is the concept of Freedom of Participation and Freedom of Association too complicated for you?

  • “A good parody is a fine amusement, capable of amusing and instructing the most sensible and polished minds; the burlesque is a miserable buffoonery which can only please the populace.”

    Your attempt at parody or satire, if that’s what this is, appears to be nothing more than thinly veiled anti-Mormon anti-Utah cultural rhetoric.

    As a retired journalist and former news director I find these “fake news sites” to be less than humorous. The intent seems to be more about mocking certain groups and misleading people than creating good humor that is actually funny to all who read it.

    • Then this site is not for you. Leave. No one is keeping you here. I found the satire amusing and witty. So I’m staying. Simple, no? Or is the concept of Freedom of Participation and Freedom of Association too complicated for you?

  • The great benefit of a free society (as much as we have left of it, anyway) is the freedom to question and sometimes even mock (in the form of parody) those societies and organizations that place themselves above all others to the detriment of their own members, along with everyone else.

    Throughout history, organized religion has, in one form or another, been the basis of massive amounts of human misery – from the sacrificial virgins tossed into a volcano to “appease the gods” to victims sacrificed to appease any number of gods in the various pre-industrial societies throughout the world.

    It wasn’t just the Egyptians who anointed their leaders as living gods.

    Right now we’ve got a massive nut-job over in North Korea starving his people in order to keep his corpulent control over what few of his mini-masses are not serving in his mind-controlled military.

    As for any religion, anywhere in the world … they all say that they serve “God” … they all say that “THEIR God” is the “one and ONLY God” … and they all demand death and destruction to anyone outside their own particular, tiny interpretation of spirituality.

    If a society, AS A WHOLE, cannot agree on any one particular religion, then it must hold true that only two conclusions can be made:

    1) There is no single “God” or spirit force involved with our tiny, insignificant lives, or,

    2) All religions have been developed by humans in order to exert control over their populations, thus allowing the leaders to rise above the common man to offer their “benevolent guidance” for the betterment of society – until their minions step out of line and a new jihad is declared to purge the non-believers.

    Welcome to our world.


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