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20 November 2017

TRENDSPOTTING: Modesty Wings!™ Hit Stores, Increases Worth of Women

TRENDSPOTTING: Modesty Wings!™ Hit Stores, Increases Worth of Women
Birds of a feather modest together.
Birds of a feather modest together.

Birds of a feather modest together.

Pleasing Christ is all the rage these days, and young women across the globe are finding it increasingly difficult to find appropriate drapery in which to do so. As exposed shoulders become more acceptable in the World, young sisters in Zion face a difficult dilemma: wear something revealing and risk undue attention from lusty men, or modify the look in a way that would be comfortable to wear in the Lord’s presence. Not surprisingly, most Young Women choose the Latter (Day Saints).

It’s not uncommon to see a daughter of God sporting the t-shirt under the tank-top look, but “it’s what the French call ‘les passé’,” according to Sister Elyzabeth Whitney of South Jordan, Utah. “We want to be modest, but we want something new. We want to invite the spirit in what we wear, without having to boycott the mall. It wouldn’t be fair if we had to sacrifice the latest trends in order to do so,” she added.

Daughters, wave goodbye to your turmoil! This season, a group of Relief Society sisters in Salt Lake City teamed up across ward boundaries to introduce Modesty Wings!™ Simply clip-on to any tank-top, spaghetti-strap, or sleeveless shirt or dress, and watch the gazes turn from desire to devotion (…to God).

Modesty Wings!™ can jazz up any outfit with a little flair, while giving a subtle nod to the temple that is your body. No longer will men be tempted by the sultry, erotic kittenness that you’re saving to release once you’re wed in the Holy Temple when they behold your upper arm. What men will see instead is the purity of God’s sacred creation, while still being able to admire your fashion-forward senses. Consider the Modesty Wings!™ a Badge of Honor: wearing them sends the message to men that your body is precious and holy, and a man who sees a woman in Modesty Wings!™ is sure to treat her with respect and dignity. In a world amok with ravenous men on the hunt for our chastity, what more can a Sister ask for?!

“I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. And with these Modesty Wings!™, I can put my best shoulder to the wheel, knowing that I am protected under his watchful gaze,” said Sister Kenzee Clarke of Nephi, Utah. “Not to mention, they’re uber-cute! I’ve already had two of the men in my ward approach me while wearing them,” Clarke said.

This season, we recommend pairing your Modesty Wings!™ with a colorful top, an ankle length skirt, and your choice of decent footwear (we LOVE wearing ours with big boots and thick socks–more coverage, more warmth!). Remember to ask yourself before you leave the house, “Am I prepared to meet the Lord? Am I inviting the right kind of attention with my outfit?” And further, “Is there anything more that I can do to prevent the brethren from associating pornographic images with me?” We can guarantee that Modesty Wings!™ will free you from the objectification you’d face if you chose to wear something more sexually suggestive. Better yet, you don’t have to avoid the mall to find them! Modesty Wings!™ are currently sold at multiple retailers at Fashion Place Mall in Murray, University Mall in Orem, and everyone’s fave mall ever: City Creek! Put yours on today!

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